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Highland Ki-Do Karate
150 Woodcrest Dr.
Highland, IL 62249
6 5 4 ~ K I C K (5425) 
Breese Ki-Do Karate
529 North 1st Street
Breese, IL 62230

5 2 6 ~ 8 2 7 2
Rank Promotion Reservations

Students will be testing their skills on Tuesday, Dec. 1st and Thursday, Dec. 3rd during regular class times! Per Covid-19 safety requirements, students must reserve a time for rank testing.

Please make reservations at Highland Test Times or Breese Test Times. We are only allowing two family members per student to attend reserved time. We recommend video recording the test to share with family and friends who are unable to attend or at a higher health risk to Covid-19. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Students have been working super hard to prepare and I am super proud of their hard work! I am very much looking forward to challenging and testing their skills!


Mr. Daiber

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-Breese Ki-Do Karate

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Ki-Do Karate's Child Safety
The best self-defense for our children is knowledge! Educating children on how to recognize possible lures and trickery is their ultimate weapon against dangerous people. The sooner a child can pick up on deceptive behavior, the quicker they can respond in the appropriate matter. Download, study and role play with your child on The 9 Evil Ninjas. Download Ki-Do's 9 Evil Ninjas (PDF)

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Choosing The Right Martial Art For Your Child

Ki-Do Karate's Youngest Black Belt, Corbin Daiber, 9
Story of a remarkable young man as he completes the 12-week Black Belt Challange. Read Story

St. Louis News 11 Segment on Ki-Do's Youngest Black Belt

Mr. Daiber Bottle Cap Challenge

The Sweepers - Ki-Do Karate won First Place Overall in this local fundraiser talent show

Performed by Mr. Daiber and Mr. Henrich                       

Ki-Do Karate Belt Tying Instructions

NOTE: Double Wrap Belt Tying Method is typically used for children and Black Belt students.

NOTE: Single Wrap Belt tying method is typically used for tweens, teens, and adult students.

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$39.95 Beginner’s Program

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Students learn and retain more when they are having fun!

Black Belt Principles

Black Belt Code

White Belt Requirements

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