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Highland Ki-Do Karate
150 Woodcrest Dr.
Highland, IL 62249
6 5 4 ~ K I C K (5425) 
Breese Ki-Do Karate
529 North 1st Street
Breese, IL 62230

5 2 6 ~ 8 2 7 2
Ki-Do Karate Holiday Sale:
Ki-Do will be hosting a Holiday Sale for the month of November. Click oh link to download the Ki-Do Karate Sales Catalog (PDF). Please fill out an order form and turn it into the front desk, or email us with your order request. Please indicate if your purchase is a surprise and we will do our best to keep it a secret.

Download Current School Schedule (PDF):
-Highland Ki-Do Karate
-Breese Ki-Do Karate

Ki-Do Karate's Child Safety
The best self-defense for our children is knowledge! Educating children on how to recognize possible lures and trickery is their ultimate weapon against dangerous people. The sooner a child can pick up on deceptive behavior, the quicker they can respond in the appropriate matter. Download, study and role play with your child on The 9 Evil Ninjas. Download Ki-Do's 9 Evil Ninjas (PDF)

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Choosing The Right Martial Art For Your Child

Ki-Do Karate's Youngest Black Belt, Corbin Daiber, 9
Story of a remarkable young man as he completes the 12-week Black Belt Challange. Read Story

St. Louis News 11 Segment on Ki-Do's Youngest Black Belt

The Sweepers - Ki-Do Karate won First Place Overall in this local fundraiser talent show

Performed by Mr. Daiber and Mr. Henrich                       

Ki-Do Karate Belt Tying Instructions

NOTE: Double Wrap Belt Tying Method is typically used for children and Black Belt students.

NOTE: Single Wrap Belt tying method is typically used for tweens, teens, and adult students.

Class Times:


$29.95 Beginner’s Program

We help students grow in:

Contact us to let us know how we can help you.

Students learn and retain more when they are having fun!

Black Belt Principles

Black Belt Code

White Belt Requirements