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Rank System

Rank System

Ki-Do Karate’s rank system helps students set short and long term goals. Ki-Do Karate has 24 belt ranks (kyus) under Black Belt and 37 over Black Belt. The 37 over Black Belt include the 10 degrees of Black Belt (dan) and the sub ranks of those degrees.

 Dragon Ranks
The 12 belt ranks of Dragons. - See a detailed chart for Dragons
 Black Belt Ranks
The 12 belt ranks of Junior-Black Belt Training Course
 Junior Degree Ranks
Junior Degree Black Belt ranks
1st & 2nd Degree Ranks
First & Second Degree Black Belt ranks

Third through Tenth Degree Black Belt ranks
Ki-Do Certificate
Official Ki-Do Karate Rank Certificate awarded for various Black Belt ranks. These bilingual certiciates are translated into English and Kanji.
 Ki-Do Seal    Ki-Do Seal
Official Ki-Do Karate Tenkoku Stone Seal used to authenticate rank certiciates.